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Businesspeople, entrepreneurs, industry innovators, my firm supports you in business strategy and organization, the development of your growth and the improvement of your performance. In the last 20 years, I have applied a single one method (Diagnostic & Strategy) to bring my companies to success and I want to share it with you.

Jean Saling

Undertake: the Adventure of my Life

1. An entrepreneur to help you .

The lasts 40-year-old I have faced the tough world of the automobile business and worked alongside the biggest operators and equipment manufacturers on the planet. This is where I forged my know-how and my determination.

I realized difficult challenges. During these last 20 years, I launched 3 companies including the creation of more than 500 jobs. I am particularly proud of the last one that I made born and grow and that was ready to realize more than 100M € annual turnover with 250 employees after just 10 years.

Today I want to help you!

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As a business leader, you are faced with many issues and problems that block your growth. Worse still, you feel alone when it comes to solving them.

Let's solve your entrepreneurial problems

Diagnostic & Strategy supports you in all stages of your growth. Thus, we will solve together the many problems faced by you, entrepreneur.
Diagnostic & Strategy gives you the necessary help in the following 4 areas:
Business Development
Progress Management
Management, Quality & Security

-> How to develop my turnover?

-> Why is the turnover down, how to recover?

-> Is my company competitive with low-cost countries?

-> How to define the Business Plan?

-> Are the selling prices of the products competitive?

-> How to face the competition of low cost countries?

-> Do I have to subcontract, relocate, relocate?

-> Is my production tool adapted to face the future?

-> Is my organization adapted to face the future?

-> …

-> How to define the Strategic Objectives?

-> How to satisfy this very demanding customer?

-> How to lead the company?

-> How to define the dashboard?

-> How to master the low-cost of projects?

-> How to define the action plan for new projects?

-> Project management is it effective, how to improve it?

-> How to sub-treat in low-cost countries?

-> Do I have the right tools to run my business?

-> …

-> Are my company and my teams performing well?

-> Are we ready to face the competition?

-> Is my business sustainable?

-> How to measure the performance of my teams, my factory?

-> Are my services well organized?

-> How to reduce costs?

-> Is our workflow lean?

-> Is the production planning system effective, how to improve it?

-> How to increase productivity?

-> …

-> Is our management style effective, how to improve it?

-> How to establish a participative management?

-> How to guarantee employee safety?

-> Is the quality system effective, how can it be improved?

-> Is the scrap rate normal, how to reduce it?

-> How to increase the performance of my teams?
-> The absentee rate is it normal, how to reduce it?

-> How to improve the social climate?

-> How to improve my relations with the social partners?

-> …

Entrepreneur, manager, do not stay alone with your challenges! Take advantage of your first business diagnosis by contacting Diagnostic & Strategy.

3. Achievements .

Discover the main projects and achievements of Jean Saling - Diagnostic & Strategy - in the automotive business world from 1996 to 2017.
1996 - 1998
The SMART years - Development and manufacture of bodywork
200 employees - € 55 million turnover

Start of my career in entrepreneurship with “Chassis System” where we realized the first bodies of Smart cars.

1998 - 2004
The SMART years - Development and manufacture of the opening
150 employees - € 64 million turnover

My second Smart adventure with the management of the company “Uniport” where we realized the opening of cars Smart and Roadster.

2004 - 2017
The years MAGNA - Magna Lorraine Stamping (MLE)
250 employees - € 100 million turnover

My third and final adventure with “Magna Lorraine Stamping (MLE)”: a vast project starting from the construction of the factory out of land to its final development. The company mainly produces stampings for the automotive market (Daimler, PSA, Volvo, Ford…). Also, we have developed an ultra-innovative system of seamless steel solar panel structures for an unprecedented manufacturer’s warranty.

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Discover invideo Magna Lorraine Emboutissage (2004-2017), one of my favorite project: automotive stamping, solar panel structures.

6. Testimonials .

  • You succeeded in accomplishing what some may have thought was impossible challenge. You built and established your plant in record time, met or exceeded the quality and timing requirements of our customer and set new standards in lauching very difficult components. This is outstanding and does not happen without a lot of hard work and dedication from everyone involved! 2005

    Horst Prelog
    President - Cosma International
  • Lieber Jean, gerne möchte ich die Gelegenheit Deiner persönlichen Veränderung innerhalb Magnas nützen, um Dir recht herzlich für Deine geleistete arbeit und den Aufbau der Magna Door Systems als General Manager in Hambach zu danken. Ich habe die Zusammenarbeit mir Dir stets geschätzt und in Dir einen Verbündeten gesehen, um Magna Europa aufzubauen und bei unseren Kunden erfolgereich darzustellen. 2004

    Siegfried Wolf
    Executive Vice Chairman - Magna International Inc.

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